The Best Driving Roads in Europe

Car Cologne have put together the most scenic and stunning routes to drive in Europe. The only thing that could make the experience even more beautiful is the sweet smell of our car diffusers while you absorb the captivating views.

Let’s get to it:

Route Gentelly Pass - French Alps

Route Gentelly Pass - French Alps

The road to this summit is spectacular as it passes through the Clue de Gréolières - a network of tunnels and cliffs carved into the mountainside. This is one of the most famous balcony roads in the country and features some unusual rocky arches.

This stretch of road is narrow and winding and takes you to Gréolières, a charming Medieval village perched against the southern flank of the Cheiron mountain. This scenic drive is ranked as one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

But be warned, it's not a road for those afraid of heights, and there is little room for error. So prepare for panoramic views and hairpin bends in the mountains as you make your way to the awe-inspiring Col de Vence.

San Bernadino - Swiss Alps

San Bernadino Pass

The San Bernadino Pass is the best way to travel from Switzerland to Italy and has to be on every driver's to-do list!

The approach to San Bernadino follows one of Switzerland's most beautiful valleys, the Mesolcina. The first ascent features wide sweeping turns and super smooth roads. The gradient is only 5-8 per cent, making for a truly scenic run.

You pass by several deserted castles, a historical testament to the valley's importance in the Middle Ages when it was the main trading route between north and south Europe.

After passing through San Bernardino, the ascent gets really exciting as it steepens and narrows, and the closing sections of the San Bernadino Pass are beautiful, with long stretches of hairpin bends, small waterfalls and dramatic rock formations.

Stelvio Pass - Italy

Stelvio Pass

Starting your drive from the north to the south, the initial part of your journey takes you through dense forests, but as the landscape opens up, you're greeted with majestic views of the famed Stelvio Pass hairpin bends, and your final destination awaits - the summit.

This stretch of the Stelvio Pass is one with the challenging switchbacks – all 48 of them. Conquer them all, and you can enjoy a fabulous view down over the summit – a classic Instagram shot.

In 2008 a shoutout from Jeremy Clarkson praised the Stelvio as "the greatest driving road in the world" and instantly made it famous. Overnight the Stelvio Pass was added to the long list of Italian tourist attractions for driving enthusiasts.

Amalfi Coast - Italy

Amalfi Coast Road

The Amalfi Coast road, the SS163, is an 80km spectacular stretch of tarmac hugging the cliffs and coves of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Built by the Romans and restored in the 1830s, few places are more romantic or more beautiful. So if you're looking for a drive with iconic views and pristine beaches, then this drive is the one to consider.

This slither of gravity-defying road runs from the Sorrento peninsula to Salerno, twisting and winding its way past villages and offers the most incredible sea views and is undoubtedly one of the best bucket-list driving roads in Europe.

So grand is this stretch of road that people come from all over the world to experience the beauty, and as Salerno enjoys fine Mediterranean weather all year round, there's no wrong time to drive the Amalfi Coastline.

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