Diffuser Instructions:

We've recorded the handy instructional video below, to ensure all of our customers have their Car Cologne and Car Perfume Diffusers working and smelling as great for you as we know they do!

Step 1

Unscrew the lid and remove the inner stopper. The lid is a screw lid like you might find on any other kind of fragrance bottle, so twist it to remove it. The stopper is a small plug that stops the fragrance from leaking out before use; you won't need it when the diffuser is in use.

Step 2

With the stopper still removed, screw the lid back on, ensuring it is secure.

Step 3

Tilt the bottle upside down for 3-5 seconds.

This is when the magic happens. Car Cologne diffusers work through the oil seeping into the lid; the scent is then released slowly over time. Even when the oil itself is gone, the lid will still release its fragrance for weeks, even months, afterwards.

Step 4

Adjust the string to your preferred length, and hang where desired. Hang it with the lid pointing upwards—you don't need to keep it tilted for the fragrance to be released.

Step 5

If the fragrance weakens, tilt the bottle upside down again like in Step 3. This will release more oil into the wooden lid.

Getting the most from your car diffuser

If the strength of your scent diminishes with time, you can repeat the action of inverting the diffuser to allow the oils to soak into the wood stopper. However, we would recommend this no more than once a week and for a couple of seconds each time. Excessive inverting can cause leaks and the oil will deplete at a much faster rate than normal.

How it works

The wooden diffusing lid expands when infused with the oil from the glass bottle using heat from the sun and your car. Therefore, the diffusers work best with heat and in warm conditions. As you drive your vehicle, the diffuser will move, giving off an occasional aroma. The diffusers contain approximately 6-7ml of oil and is not designed to be overpowering. 

Our Car Mist is formulated in-house, using the very same high concentrate oils that we use in our diffusers. Now, you can enjoy an instant burst of luxury by spraying Car Mist™ directly in your vehicle. Choose from our ever-growing designer inspired scent range.