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Browse our selection of Signature Box Collections and choose the perfect scent for your journey.

As the UK’s leading luxury car freshener brand, Car Cologne offers an exclusive range of Signature Box Collections and a selection of 40 premium grade scents inspired by best-selling and exclusive colognes, perfumes and unisex fragrances. Lasting up to five times longer than traditional car air fresheners, each of our car cologne diffusers are designed to provide a rich and luxurious fragrance that will conceal any unwelcome odours without being too overpowering. There are three diffusers in each Signature Box Collection.

Take a look at some of our most popular classic car cologne scents including Creeid Aventos, D’or Savage, Invictus and Million.

In addition to choosing the scent, you can choose the diffuser, too. Discover some of our stylish car cologne diffusers in a choice of colours including the limited edition Ruby Red Car Diffuser, Sapphire Blue Car Diffuser, Black Diamond Car Diffuser, Rose Gold Car Diffuser, Gold Car Diffuser, Silver Car Diffuser and Black Car Diffusers. We also offer Signature boxes containing three diffusers, perfect for a gift for him! Car Cologne offers all of our customers a secure payment option including PayPal, easy returns policy and free shipping to any UK address. Check out some of our 5-star ratings and reviews and discover how our car cologne diffusers can improve your driving experience.

What are our Signature Box Collections?

Our Signature Box Collections each contain three diffusers, in a variety of colours and scents. Whether you want the opportunity to try three different scents, or you want three of the same fragrance, or you want to give somebody the perfect car air freshener gift, our Signature Boxes are ideal.

Is a car air freshener gift set a good gift?

Our Signature Box Collections are customisable, which means you can choose between the different scents you want to receive. Additionally, the different Signature Box collections give you a choice between different colour diffusers, including black, silver and gold. Whether you’re looking for the ideal birthday present for someone who loves their car, or a Christmas gift for the man or woman who has everything, our Signature Box collections are ideal.

What does a car diffuser do?

Car diffusers work by slowly releasing car air freshener oil, blanketing your vehicle in a luxury scent of your choice. Our diffusers have a wooden lid that works as an absorbent material, gradually emitting fragrance over time. All you need to do is add oil to the diffuser and wait for it to be absorbed, which usually takes just a minute or two. Our Signature Boxes contain three diffusers each.

How long does a car diffuser last?

Car diffusers last significantly longer than other air fresheners, such as cards or clips. While the fragrance will weaken over time, it can last for several months. That's because even if all the oil is gone, there will still be some left in the wooden lid. Additionally, they are very easy to refill with either the same scent or a different one altogether. With three diffusers per Signature Box Collection, your car will smell amazing all year round!

How do you use a Car Cologne diffuser?

To use your Car Cologne diffuser, first unscrew the cover and remove the inner stopper from the bottle. Screw the cover back on, then tilt the bottle upside down for 10-15 seconds to allow oil to absorb into diffusing lid. Adjust the string as desired, put it somewhere safe and secure in your vehicle, and enjoy the luxurious fragrance while driving! Each of the diffusers you receive in your Signature Box Collection will work in the same way.

Which scents do our Signature Box collections come with?

Our Signature Box Collections can be customised to contain whichever of our luxury scents you prefer. Our most popular scents include Aventos, Black Opium, Savage, Invictus and Million. You can choose between luxury cologne scents for him, or perfume fragrances for her—or a mix of both.

How long does Car Cologne take to ship?

Our UK customers can expect to receive their free standard shipment within 3-5 business days. If you're looking for a faster turnaround time, we also offer an Express shipping service for just £1.99 which only takes 1-3 days. Our international shipments take 5-7 days and is free of charge for orders over £60.