Road Trip Essentials

You may think it a good idea to pack a lot of gear and gadgets for a road trip, but we recommend you pack as little as possible - packing light helps to keep your mind clear - and you won't have to rummage through a boot full of stuff to find the few items you will actually use.

Road trips are more about the drive than the destination. So to make the most of those long journeys, we recommend some road trip essentials.

The Paperwork Must Haves

  • Some key items to keep in your car whilst road tripping are your driver's licence, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Keep these up-to-date docs in a folder in the glove compartment.
  • The car manual will come in really handy if a strange light starts flashing on your dash or you have forgotten the ideal tyre pressure for your car.
  • As much as we rely on technology, it can sometimes fail. One of the most crucial long-distance driving must-haves is a paper map, particularly if you're on a lonely road with no one to ask for directions.

Essentials To Keep You On The Road

  • Keep your car running - road tripping may take you off the beaten track, so it's a good idea to be prepped and able to repair basic car breakdown issues, like flat tyres. Check you have a spare tyre in the boot and make sure it's correctly inflated and in good wear.
  • Include a car jack on your essentials list – it's challenging to change a flat tyre without one!
  • A roadside emergency kit contains the items you need if you run into trouble on your journey. This essential pack typically includes things like jumper cables, tyre pressure gauges and a torch. Of course, it's always great to have a multitool and waterproof matches in your kit too.
  • A Car Perfume that keeps your car smelling great, and in the event of a breakdown can keep you calm and relaxed.

Your Creature Comforts

Music – However you listen to your music, make sure your playlist is to everybody's taste and compile a few different lists - enough to see you through each step of your journey.

Toiletries – Not going to list obvious, personal items – but keep wet wipes, sunscreen, toilet roll/tissues, insect repellent and hand sanitiser in a small carry bag close by.

Snacks and Sweets – If you are road tripping with children, these are a must.  Try to keep snacks healthy with a few sweet treats for emergencies!

Water – Pack as many bottles as you can and make sure they're easily accessible. Have a few bottles of juice for the kids.

On-Board Entertainment – Books to read, playing cards or travel board games, a tablet with preloaded games or movies (don't forget to pack the charger)


Blanket – in case it's chilly, or if the weather is good, a blanket comes in handy for impromptu picnics.

Phone Charger – Have at least two close at hand. All the time.

Rubbish Bags – Keep things neat and tidy.

Now, turn up the music, roll down the windows, and get on the road.

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