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The world's first Air-Con refresh with a cologne based fragrance. This product disinfects and refreshes your Air Conditioning system, eliminates odours and decontaminates your interior with the added bonus of leaving behind a luxury fragrance inspired by Aventus.

How do I use Air-Con Cologne?

1. Shake canister well before use ensuring all windows are closed and engine is started.

2. Set A/C to maximum speed and cooling, open all vents and ensure recirculation mode is activated.

3. Position front passenger seat as far back as possible and place canister in footwell. If using in rear of vehicle, ensure front seat is as far forward as possible. Nothing should obstruct spray pattern and do not allow contact with textiles.

4. Activate can by pressing down on valve and locking into position - keep a safe distance from face and close all doors and windows, leaving engine and A/C running.

5. Once canister has emptied contents, allow recirculation for 3 minutes. Wipe off any excess mist  which have have transferred onto windscreen and textiles immediately. 

6. Switch off engine, open all windows and ventilate vehicle for 10 minutes before driving.

7. Your vehicle has now been Cologne’d – enjoy fragrance for up to 28 days and protection for up to 6 months

If you lived through the dark days of ‘death by lemon’ air fresheners, then you might have asked the same question we did before starting Car Cologne:

‘I spent a lot of money on my car… why can’t it smell as good as I do?’

Well, we looked around and found there was an enormous gap in the market. Literally nobody had considered upgrading the humble car air freshener into something a little less… stale. 

So we started Car Cologne and our signature product - our Car Cologne Diffuser - became an instant hit. Used by celebs, footballers, and thousands more people, it showed us we weren’t alone. Everyone wanted to give their car the luxury treatment with car air fresheners that were inspired by the most luxurious scents in the world.

Since then we’ve filled out our range with >

DRY MIST | The odour-remover. One burst sanitises the air in your car and keeps it fresh for the whole ride.

CAR MIST | The luxury option. Infuse your ride with the world’s most luxurious fragrances. This really *is* cologne… for your car.

CARD AIR FRESHENERS | We’ve given the tired old card air freshener an update. Infused with a carefully curated selection of fragrances, these cards can also be used in your home or office.

ELECTRONIC HUMIDIFIER | Our most premium product. An electronic diffuser/air humidifier that will clean the air and circulate one of our signature blends to every inch of your car. 

We’ve secured partnerships with Bentley, BMW and supply Floyd Mayweather and Paul Pogba with scents that keep their ride as fresh as they are. 

BMW F80 M3 Competition

We’re also an associate partner of Peterborough FC (EFL Championship) because not only do we love football, but we love local too.

Peterborough United FC Associate Partner Crest

Basically, it’s been quite a ride (pun intended 😂). Three years on from ‘death by lemon’ Car Cologne is now the UK’s leading Car Air Freshener brand and we’re adding to our range all the time, to make sure you car ALWAYS smells as good as you do… if not better.

For product enquiries get in touch here

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Car Cologne are proud of each and every purchase of one of our amazing fragrances, and we love to see all of your pictures, videos and posts on social media - singing the praises of our Car Diffusers, Car Perfumes, Humidifiers, Car Mist, Card Hangers and Dry Mist (and more!) but even we get excited when we come across these from faces we recognise from the TV, so we thought we'd share some of our star-struck experiences here...





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