How Do You Use a Car Humidifier?

Car humidifiers are a straightforward way to make your car more comfortable. Your car might come with climate control options like heat and air conditioning, but those functions often dry the air out. Chapped and cracked lips, dry skin, and respiratory irritation are only a few consequences of dry air. With a humidifier for the car it adds moisture and comfort back to the air. You can also get humidifiers that add scents or essential oils. Using them is easy and fun, making them a perfect addition to your car.

Using a Car Humidifier

While every car humidifier model will be slightly different and has its own features, toggles, and rules, you could make a few generalisations about getting one started. You can use this on its own to increase the comfort in your car or in conjunction with essential oils to add a pleasant scent and aromatherapy benefits to your car.

 Car humidifiers are easy to use and completely safe. Their ultra-simple operation makes them a great addition to your car so that you can easily enjoy comfortable surroundings.

Fill the Tank

Just like your car needs fuel, so does the humidifier. Luckily, it's less expensive than petrol. If your model supports it, you can fill the tank by detaching it from the humidifier and taking it inside to fill at the sink. If not, you can fill a water bottle and use that to add water to the humidifier's tank.

Add a Scent

Car Cologne is a revolution in the car air freshener market. Pine and lemon scents might be nice, but bespoke scents based on the world’s foremost designer colognes and perfumes are better—and that’s Car Cologne. Our scents like Million, Ventis and Savage improve your driving experience at a reasonable price.

Add the Car Cologne scent that comes with your humidifier as per the instructions: remove the fragrance oil cap, and screw the bottle into the lid of the diffuser.

Plug It In

Most car humidifiers will work out of the charge port in your vehicle- the same one you would plug a phone charger into. Depending on your car's shape, this is the perfect placement because it centralises the car humidifier and puts it right next to you for your enjoyment.

Turn It On and Select Your Option

Most diffusers will have a few modes to select from, so you can specify your intensity. Using the power button, you can select an intensity mode, which changes the level of scent in the car.

Tips and Tricks for Using a Car Humidifier

No Need for Distilled Water

When you use any kind of humidifier, the typical advice is to use distilled water. That’s because water passing through a humidifier can sometimes create build-up and hard water stains. But with Car Cologne, that’s not a problem—you can use normal tap water with no change in effectiveness or product quality.

Keep a Bottle of Water Stashed in Your Car

If you live in a warmer climate or park in a heated car park, keeping a water bottle in your car so you can fill your car humidifier quickly is a great way to take the hassle out of using a car humidifier. You can keep extra scent, too, in case it starts running out.

Try The Rest of Our Car Cologne Range

If a humidifier isn’t for you, we have plenty more options, including scent diffusers, vent sprays and more. So for example, if you live somewhere that experiences high levels of humidity, these might work better for you rather than a humidifier (otherwise the inside of your car might constantly fog up).

Elevate and Enjoy Your Car’s Interior

You spend a significant portion of your life inside your car, and it's natural to want it to smell and feel nice. Car humidifiers create a climate-controlled environment that can smell and feel great. Check out the Car Cologne website to see which humidifiers and diffusers will make your car your favourite place to be.


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