Can You Make Your Own Car Air Freshener?

Freshening the air in your car is important; after all, on those muggy days when you're stuck in your car sweating, you need a little pick-me-up to keep from hanging your head out the window like a dog. Also, car air fresheners can be a lifesaver for those with children, pets, or hobbies that bring a smell to the car. But if you don’t want to buy one, what options do you have?

There are lots of recipes for making DIY car air fresheners floating out around the internet. Unfortunately, these are usually for extremely basic car air fresheners with little longevity, smell, or power. So while you can make a car air freshener, it might not be worth the expense and effort.

We've looked for the best DIY car air freshener projects, so you can decide if making your own air freshener will be worth it.

Freshness in a Jar

This cute car air freshener can be made out of stuff you have lying around the house. That makes it pretty cost-effective, but its biggest drawback is that it might be hard to find a great spot for it in your car- most cup holders aren't big enough for a mason jar to fit inside.




Half-Pint Mason Jar


Baking Soda

A Car Cologne Scent

Piece of Cardboard

Step 1: Fill the mason jar two-thirds full with baking soda.

Step 2: Add roughly 20 drops of scent, cover, and shake to distribute through the baking soda.

Step 3: Use the inside of the lid to trace and cut out a circle of cardboard that will fit inside snugly.

Step 4: Put the cardboard on top of the mason jar, then use the ring to close the mason jar like you normally would, only with a cardboard lid instead of a metal lid.

Step 5: Use the thumbtack to pierce holes in the top of the cardboard.

Step 6: Refresh monthly.

Pin The Scent In

This is a much more subtle car air freshener option. Because it relies on clothespins, the scent is only activated when you’re using the air conditioner or heat. However, it’s another option that you can make using household items.


Wooden Clothes Pegs

A Car Cologne Scent

Sandwich Bag

Step 1: Add roughly 5 drops of essential oil to each peg.

Step 2: Put the clothespins in a sandwich bag and seal for freshness. This will help keep the smell in the wood of the clothespins and keep it usable for longer.

Step 3: When you need one, pull out a clothespin and clip it onto the vent of your car. This will drop a little bit of the scent onto the air as it comes out of your vents.

An Alternative: Car Cologne

For those of us who don’t excel at or have the time for DIY projects that have to be redone periodically to keep our cars smelling fresh, there’s an alternative. Car air freshener diffusers are specially designed to take the work out of freshening your car. Elegantly designed to be aesthetically pleasing, they're also highly functional.

No need to worry about adding water or a heating element burning inside; these diffusers are specially designed to raise the quality of the inside of your car without extra steps. All you have to do is hang the diffuser from your rear view mirror, and the scent will slowly diffuse for months.

Not only that, but Car Cologne’s scents are based on the world’s most exclusive and luxurious colognes and perfumes. This means you can have a luxury ride for a reasonable price.

Car Air Fresheners That Work

The methods outlined to make your own car air freshener can range from low to medium cost, and some look better than others. Of course, any DIY car air freshener you make will depend on having enough time to make it and upkeep it.

A few of these methods might work great for you, but if you're looking for a high-quality, low-maintenance car air freshener, choosing a Car Cologne car diffuser is a straightforward way to keep your car smelling great. Check out our diffusers for a view of the car cologne diffusers that can help your car smell fresh.

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