Do Natural Car Air Fresheners Really Work?

Natural car air fresheners are a product of the sustainable, recyclable, and healthy trend that’s only becoming more common in 2023.

Natural air fresheners can be as simple as a combination of different natural oils; they’re very popular, but are they actually better than other car air fresheners that aren't labelled as natural?

Let’s find out.

What Is a Natural Car Air Freshener?

Natural car air fresheners are air fresheners with no or few synthetic ingredients, although it can be tough to verify the quantity or quality of those natural ingredients.

A “natural car air freshener” can be something of a misleading term in the UK because it's not regulated. Anyone can slap the word “natural” on their products, and there is no governing body that confirms that or guarantees it, and the company isn’t obligated to prove anything. So, although many companies claim their products are natural and feature recipes with little to no synthetic/man-made ingredients, the quality can be dodgy at best. At worst, the product can contain a lot of synthetic material anyway.

What Are Natural Car Air Fresheners Made Of?

Natural car air fresheners usually use a mix of different ingredients that avoid synthetic materials. This can be an amalgamation of different essential oils (wherein the essence is extracted from plants to create a concentrated smell and effect). These oils can be diluted with a carrier oil, which helps make the scent go further and last longer.

Alternatively, your natural car air freshener may be solid rather than oil-based. Pot-pourri is the obvious example: natural plant materials like wood, dried flower petals, herbs and spices mixed together. Some natural car air fresheners utilise natural materials in the same way.

Are Natural Car Air Fresheners Safe?

Sometimes there is a misconception that natural chemicals are inherently safer than synthetic chemicals. But there are plenty of natural ingredients that can be bad for you- whether you have an allergy to them you've never noticed before or whether it's a poisonous chemical that was improperly handled. So "natural" doesn't automatically mean that the ingredient is safe.

Similarly but the opposite, synthetic chemicals aren’t inherently bad just because they don't have the natural label. On the contrary, it's usually the opposite because synthetic chemicals are specifically designed with safety and use in mind, so they're tailored exactly to their use.

How Well Do Natural Car Air Fresheners Work?

Whether a natural car air freshener works or not depends largely on the product. Some may have a subtle scent that isn’t strong enough for you, while others may be made with baking soda: eliminating bad smells but not introducing good scents.

The best and most effective car air fresheners are diffusers, preferably the ones that use high-quality, long-lasting fragrance oils. Whether natural or synthetic, they will eliminate bad smells with a new pleasing scent.

Are Natural Car Air Fresheners Worth the Price?

Because the terms “natural”, “green”, or “organic” aren’t regulated by a governing body, it’s all too easy for companies to justify a higher price tag by slapping an untrue label on their product. This “greenwashing” is a common tactic to make products more attractive to customers without the product actually being better.

What Is the Best Car Air Freshener?

Car air fresheners are on offer in various forms and scents. Car diffusers are a great option that combines simple-to-use technology with natural materials and a classic elegant look. In a massive range of scents (over 50+, from Black Orchid to Tobacco VanilleHYPERLINK ""), these simple diffusers will last up to five times as long as other car air fresheners while looking stylish. For those looking for sustainable car air fresheners, the diffusers are made out of natural glass and wood, too.

With scents modelled off designer fragrances with concentrated refillable fragrances that make using it super-easy and enjoyable, Car Cologne diffusers are a great car air freshener that works.

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