Can You Put Perfume in a Car Diffuser?

A question we’re frequently asked is whether a perfume can be added to a car diffuser. While car diffusers aren’t designed to be compatible with perfume, there are other options for those looking for luxury scents—so read on to find out more…

How Do Car Scent Diffusers Work?

Using a small bottle of fragrance oil with a wooden lid, car diffusers hang from a short cord wherever you choose to put them in your car. The wooden lid absorbs the fragrance when the diffuser is inverted for 3-5 seconds. This allows the fragrance to evaporate much slower. The fragrance oil itself is a safe compound that is specially formulated to be perfectly absorbed by the wooden lid, making the car diffuser a deceptively simple device.

You can even refill a car diffuser with real perfume or cologne. So long as you periodically tip the diffuser so that the perfume is absorbed into the lid, it will gradually release the scent into the car.

There’s only one issue. Using a real high-end perfume or cologne is expensive!

Can You Get Car Diffusers That Smell Like Perfume?

The good news is that there's a method to get perfume-style and inspired scents in a car diffuser without breaking the bank. Car Cologne is proud to have a range of designer-inspired fragrances with all the class and elegance of the scents they were inspired by. Our perfume car air fresheners are the perfect option for those who want to get the benefits of perfume in a car diffuser, but without the cost.

What Are the Best Car Perfume Scents?

Ombre Leather

The scent of aged leather infuses this luxury fragrance. With hints of cardamom, jasmine, leather, amber, and a shot of patchouli to dance along the senses, this sense is sophisticated without losing its earthy edge.

Rouge 540

With hints of jasmine, saffron, and ambergris, take a stroll through freshly cut cedarwood as you enjoy a luxurious and classy scent. Then, inspired by a classic, sophisticated perfume, indulge in designer luxury.


Walk through a field of fresh and fragrant flowers. Jadore boasts a bouquet of flower scents interposed with creamy wood accents that gives a sensual pop of vibrance. A light fragrance that packs power, this designer scent is perfect for any car, perfectly balancing floral beauty with richness.

Black Opium

Using floral tones combined with a base of black coffee, this scent aims for rich and bold flavours with accents of energy. The sophisticated result will add exotic luxury to your car.

Discover Your Ideal Car Perfume Today at Car Cologne

Car diffusers are an excellent way to make your car's interior more pleasant and comfortable. They release a nice smell (that you can select from a wide range) and are easy to use. Most car diffusers come with their own car fragrance, but the best come with a refillable option that makes them more sustainable and cost-effective. For example, car Cologne's car diffusers come with over 50 scents that can be purchased in refillable containers so that you can easily change scents and enjoy a new kind.

To be paired with the perfect scent for you, take our Scent Quiz, or contact us for more information.

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